TAP Talk: Black Mirror

On 15th June, I will be delivering a TAP Talk on this subject:
Black Mirror: the influence of technology and social media on the therapeutic relationship.
10 years ago the iPhone was first released. Today, 80% of the UK population own a smartphone and spend an average 2 hours a day using it, mostly on social media. Smartphones and social media are changing the way we communicate with one another, as well as influencing the way we see ourselves and the world. How can we as therapists respond to these changes? Can we use technology and social media as a therapeutic tool? What about our own relationship with technology? Technology is a useful tool which brings people together. At other times it is the cause of discord, arguments and conflict. At its worst, it has developed into addiction and isolation.
I will also speak about my recent experience of undergoing a digital detox.
The venue is:
Friends Meeting House, 13 Bath Place, Taunton TA1 4EP. Parking is available in the public car park in The Crescent.

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