What is addiction? Free Public Lecture at the Iron Mill College

About this event

Please join me on this free public lecture, delivered “in the room” and online simultaneously. 

I will talk about what addiction is and what its symptoms and causes are. I will explain this from an integrative perspective in order to outline the causes, development, consequences and treatment of addictions. 

This is a talk on addiction as a human behaviour so it will include behavioural addictions (gambling, sex, internet, mobile phones, etc.) as well as the more “traditional” substance related addictions.

The objectives of the lecture are:

  • Learn the definitions of addiction (substance misuse and behavioural).
  • Gain an understanding of the causes, symptoms and consequences of addictions.
  • Introduce participants to the Biopsychosocial model of addiction, which provides a holistic view of the person affected by addictions as well as looking at the context (familial, social, cultural) in which misuse of substances and behaviours set in.

If you are interested in attending this lecture, please click on the link below to reserve your place:


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