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Watchet, Somerset, UK, 31st March 2020 23:55

Today I haven’t really got a lot to report. I have been teaching remotely from home, something I had never done before until two weeks ago but that suddenly feels like the new normal. I have adapted to this new reality fairly quickly, so has everyone else.

In the outside world, the curve of infections and death keeps climbing but there haven’t been any major developments, even though I am sure that there are lots of personal stories, both tragic and hopeful.

One thing I noticed on my dog walk tonight is that the stars are some much clearer and brighter in the sky. The air is so clean due to the lack of traffic and this is out here in the sticks. I wonder if people in London can see the night starts again. That is a nice thought to go to sleep with.

Good night all

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Tonight’s choice of music is the absolutely beautiful Astral Weeks by Van Morrison

World-wide confirmed cases: 855,007

World-wide deaths: 42,032

World-wide recovered: 177,857

UK confirmed cases: 25,479

UK deaths: 1,789

UK recovered: 179


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