COVID-19 Diaries. Day One- Lockdown begins

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Watchet, Somerset, UK, 23:01

This evening, Boris Johnson announced strict restrictions on the movement of people in this country. We are in lockdown from midnight tonight for at least three weeks. I am and will be at home with my wife, kids and dog.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep some kind of diary during this experience, both as a record to look back in time but also as a self-care strategy, or even to keep my sanity intact through what is going to be a challenging time.

I have, since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, been amazed by the variety and diversity of human behaviour. I have seen amazing acts of courage, compassion, kindness and humanity. I have also observed the most selfish, discriminatory and cruel attitudes towards human beings, especially the vulnerable. I guess that situations like these amplify personality traits: an arsehole becomes a massive arsehole and a nice person becomes a wonderful human being.

I am neither a glass half empty nor a half full kind of guy. I am merely grateful that I have a vessel that I can drink out of. My life’s experiences have taught me to not despair when everything seems lost and that, if we pull together, this too shall pass.

Each entry of this blog will have a link to a song which I feel relevant as well as a record of the current statistics on COVID-19 as published by the John Hopkins University on:

Tonight’s song is by Love: Everybody’s gotta live

OneLove, OneHeart

World-wide confirmed cases: 375,458

World-wide deaths: 16,371

World-wide recovered: 100,958

UK confirmed cases: 6,726

UK deaths: 335

UK recovered: 135

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